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Why TikTok Matters to the Next Generation of Creative Professionals


Banning TikTok blocks access to new creative talent. Period. Let’s talk about Julian Bass. In case you missed the Time article, you can “Meet the Creator of a Viral TikTok Who Caught the Attention of Disney’s Boss here, where Bob Iger told Bass online “The world’s gonna know your name!”.

Film school is expensive. User generated content and the platforms like TikTok that allow for creators to be discovered are vital to the ecosystem of the creative workforce.

These platforms are of course fun – but they are also the reels, the resumes, the portfolio of creative professionals: the work that drives discovery, and empowers the next generation of creatives to be found by everyone from their own loyal audiences, to the biggest brands.

Every creator got their start somewhere. It’s not OK to shut down a platform that empowers creativity for both creators and provides entertainment for the fans who love them.

We had the chance to help TikTok help teach new creators how to get started on the platform, by creating successful, high-performing videos on TikTok.

Working with a group of top performing TikTok-ers, we created a 20-video series that instructs creators in all things TikTok. From makeup and lighting tips to sound and technical troubleshooting, influencers learned the ropes of content creation and what works best on TikTok.

A brief review of history of digital revolution: mobile phones + social media = next generation creative talent. When a government bans a platform that creates access to new creative talent, what does this say about its support of democracy? Meritocracy? Free speech?

How do you feel about social media technology platforms and the opportunity they provide to the next generation of creative professionals?

Mike Tringe
Mike Tringe
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