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Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019

Project: 360VR, 360 Live Event Coverage, and Social Campaign Video

Objective: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics, the Games organizers wanted to generate excitement using the latest technology. They also wanted to create empathy and support for the more than 7,000 determined athletes from 195 nations, highlighting their talent and educating audiences about disabilities.

Our Solution: To build pre-Games anticipation, we traveled the globe to meet awe-inspiring athletes and shoot our 360VR series, Meet The Determined. During the games, our live 360 daily broadcast on a dedicated YouTube channel was the first Olympics to be seen in 360. To sustain interest, we created social media campaign video for all platforms. And our post-Games documentary, Life After the Games, highlighted the impact the Games had on the athletes, participants, and the local UAE economy.

Results: Our Meet The Determined 360VR documentary won a CES 2020 DreamlandXR Best Documentary Award.

“We’re grateful to the entire team at CreatorUp for embracing the spirit of Special Olympics wholeheartedly and bringing the full force of their creative energy to this project.The result is a radically new kind of content which truly impacts the way people around the world see people of determination.” 

— Peter Goodwin, CMO, Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019

cengage sam digital Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp
cengage sam digital Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp
cengage sam digital Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp


Project: Digital Literacy Training

Objective: Cengage creates learning experiences for learners of all types, from K-12 to higher ed and workforce audiences. They wanted to teach basic digital and computer literacy in a way that would be engaging and effective for broad audiences with diverse technical knowledge.

Our Solution: With hundreds of lessons to cover, we wanted to make the learning so compelling that viewers would want to watch even if they had already mastered the subject matter. We mixed things up with video styles ranging from hosted video, to stop motion animation, to computer screen capture.

Results: 250 1-2 minutes videos were offered on Cengage’s online learning platform.

Food & Beverage Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp

Kauai Coffee

Project: 360VR Exhibit Booth Brand Showcase

Objective: Kauai Coffee wanted to show off their lush Hawaii coffee farm, and make buyers feel more connected to their manufacturing process.

Our Solution: 360VR is the next best thing to being there. Viewable from a suite of Oculus VR headsets arrayed at Kauai’s exhibit booth, we created an immersive experience to showcase their brand and culture. An overhead drone swoops over waterfalls and farmland and into the processing facility, where we meet the personalities that make world-class sustainable coffee.

Results: Kauai was able to create a close connection with faraway buyers who may not be able to visit
the Hawaii location.

Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp


Project: TikTok @howtotiktok Influencer Tutorials

Objective: TikTok was the fastest-growing social media platform of 2019. With so many new creators and influencers swarming the platform, TikTok wanted to ensure that they all know how to create optimal content.

Our Solution: We knew the best way to engage aspiring TikTok stars is to let them learn from their successful peers. Working with a group of top performing TikTok-ers, we created a 20-video series that instructs creators in all things TikTok. From makeup and lighting tips to sound and technical troubleshooting, influencers learned the ropes of content creation and what works best on TikTok.

Results: TikTok influencers loved the guidance. Most of our videos got more than 25K likes, and hundreds of positive comments.

Straightaway Healthcare

Project: Certified Nursing Assistants Training

Objective: Straightaway needed to quickly educate a large workforce of Nursing assistants, and improve retention of newly trained staff.

Our Solution: Technical skills are often best taught through simulation. Our 64- episode lesson series follows three nurses as they make their rounds, encountering real-world situations like urgent health problems or difficult family members. Each video watches how a nursing assistant handles the challenge, then hears directly from them about how they felt and how they reacted.

Results: Learners achieved motivation and understanding that helped them succeed in receiving their certification.

“A fantastic team of professionals who delivered an outstanding product on a very aggressive schedule.”

— Erica Mancuso, Director of Client Services, Straightaway

New World of Work

Project: 21st Century Skills Training

Objective: Hard skills are learned in school or on the job, but training often overlooks soft skills. This non-profit needed to train California’s workforce on skills like resilience, empathy, and digital literacy so they could not only get a job — but keep a job.

Our Solution: 50 narrative form lesson videos targeted at new graduates from community colleges were easy to understand and accessible to students from all backgrounds. We didn’t allow students to take themselves too seriously, mixing ice breakers, what-not-to-dos, and humor. Story problems asked students to practice and test out their skills.

Results: 88% of California community colleges adopted the program. 9,867 digital certification badges were earned by student learners.

“Instructors let us know students would become very engaged in class conversation after watching the videos and would refer to the stories throughout the rest of the term. This showed us how powerful the video medium can be for making ideas stick.”

— Rajinder Gill, Executive Director, Essential Employability Skills Project

CreatorUp combines best-in-class expertise in video creation and instructional design to train corporate teams and partners in video optimization and digital media best practices.


Client: Twitter

Project: #TwitterFlightSchool LIVE Video Badge Bootcamp

Objective: Twitter wanted to ensure that media planners, buyers, and social content strategists at their global agency partners are up to date on best practices in Twitter video advertising.

Our Approach: We designed a half-day, five-module certification that covered :

  1. In introduction to Twitter
  2. Twitter video advertising solutions
  3. Campaign creation and management
  4. Measurement and reporting
  5. Optimizations and best practices

Results: Delivered several well received badging workshops in 2019 in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and India. In 2020, our program expands to even more global markets.

Brandjam Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp
YouTube Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp

Google / YouTube

Project: Brand Jam, and Diversify Your Revenue programs

Objective: YouTube wanted to train their creators on how to maximize creative and revenue on the YouTube platform. Google Ad Sales wanted to ensure that brands and agencies understood how to best work with creators on the YouTube platform

Our Approach: Local partners chose half-day or full-day workshops. Creator sessions focused on how to work with brands, as well as narrative and presentation skills, lighting and sound, editing, and technical platform skills. Brands learned how to

Results: CreatorUp trainers held sessions for YouTube creators across the globe.  We also led brands and agencies in sessions on best practices in working with YouTube influencers, and YouTube advertising and sponsorship optimization.

“CreatorUp’s trainers were great local producers, and their deep understanding of the program and the local market really helped to get brands on-boarded in a short amount of time.”

— Sophia, Brand Participant, Tokyo Brand Jam

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