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A Video Survival Guide to a Brave New Digital World

If we’re going to be going digital for the long haul – we might as well look and sound as good as we do in real life in video and livestream! I’m so impressed with the incredibly hard work our team has put in over the last few weeks to help keep our partners creating engaging video content.

So let’s be real: it may be a while before we see each other again (In person). So instead of continuing to stand six feet apart at the grocery store and waving from afar, let’s do the opposite. Let’s get up close and personal. Let’s do a close up. But how are we going to do that – when we can’t even visit each other? Very carefully.

Alex Tafreshi – one of the incredible filmmakers in our CreatorUp network, has taken the liberty of creating a mini-tutorial for our creative network on building a home studio to create professional video content with remote direction – to send along to our digital editors, and voila’: exceptional virtual videos.

Creating content that is engaging is an art and a science. Building something worth watching is intentional. It takes planning. Talent. Know-How. And that’s why we are all going to rapidly accelerate into a world where skills previously reserved for: “creative professionals” are expected by more and more of us.

Remember that typing class your mom told you that you had to take in 7th grade, or you wouldn’t be able to find a job because everyone was going to be using computers? It’s kind of like that. We don’t have a choice anymore – these previously “nice to have” skills of how to communicate digitally in the 21st century – are now an immediate “need to have” – so let’s go.

Also – check out my co-founder Hugh Hou’s latest tutorial on how to livestream in 360 – it’s pretty comprehensive – but also, easy to access, and fun to watch. Kind of like hanging out with Hugh. Trust me – you’ll be glad you spent the time picking up this new skill.

What challenges has this virtual only climate created for you and your business? How can digital communications help you to solve those challenges instantly? One of the exciting things about digital media is that it’s fast.

Whether it’s education and learning, working from home communications with your teams, or going to church or a funeral or a graduation, our lives are moving virtual faster than we might like them to be. I have been blown away by the creativity of our team in coming up with virtual production solutions over the last week to help connect us.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the things we can do together by helping you: put courses and workshops online immediately to create on demand learning, go live online for real time experiences, or create great video content through our remote production solutions.

Get to know Alex and some of our other incredible CreatorUp filmmakers in the behind-the-scenes video Alex created from the Special Olympics stories that we collaborated on last year!

Let us know what creative ideas you have for creative digital media solutions to help your business, education, or community thrive.

Mike Tringe
Mike Tringe
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