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The Future of Creative Media Will Bring Us All Closer

Pushing boundaries isn’t always easy or fun, but it can be when there’s music involved. Gary Lue, CreatorUp’s Head of Digital Innovation and Operations is on drums. Oh – and he is also the technical designer and editor behind this feat of musical collaboration.

When I saw Gary on drums – at first I was surprised, quickly followed by delight. Of course he plays drums! I got to know Gary first when we played a round of Top Golf at a conference in Florida, and even though he beat me – I still invited him to play me in a round when I found out that we could continue to play top golf virtually through the digital version of Top Golf. The only thing missing was the Arnold Palmers and nachos.

I love that digital allows us to experience this group concert at home, and play top golf with each other virtually – and it might even make us wonder…are we growing closer as we get farther away from each other?I’m left thinking about Sherry Turkle’s polemical and prophetic title “Alone Together” which says that even with the pervasive nature of social media – we are in fact, not that close as a result of it after all.

And then there’s the five-friend rule which says, even though we now have hundreds and thousands of connections on social media – our time and our brains still can’t really invest much more beyond a small limited circle. Is that still true?

Or are we awakening to the fact that we can truly engage in a more intimately digital society? I wonder as I have tuned into church services in three states in the last three weeks after having not been to church for quite a while. It’s nice to see my brother’s congregation sharing songs with each other Vermont, as I’m in California.

Keep your eyes peeled for more digital innovation across every industry. What digital innovations and transformations have you seen happening in your world? What seems to be working really well – and what seems to be proving to be a challenge?

Mike Tringe
Mike Tringe
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