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CreatorUp Aims to Get Industries and Creative Freelancers Back to Work with Digital Media Innovation

Could you ever imagine touring a factory floor in another country…without getting on a plane? Or giving a virtual tour of your products – without being at a conference? CreatorUp is developing some exciting solutions and partnerships that will enable industries to do just that, powered by our rapidly growing community of certified creative professionals.
Every industry has been disrupted in the last 60 days – and every member of the CreatorUp team and our creative professional community has risen to the occasion to support these industries ranging from education to healthcare. Whether that be putting in-person education online, or helping workers get trained virtually.

For our industry partners – we are working closely together to help them develop their rapid response strategies. This is an industry snapshot of what we are doing today and what we plan on doing tomorrow.

For Vessel Health we worked closely together to help them with a video that will help them launch their COVID-19 at home testing kit. Take a look at that video that we produced virtually – here.

We are also talking with Imeve about how about how we can help our partners offer VR live-streaming for everything from safety training to product demos to factory inspections. Explore some of their exciting new solutions here with Avatour.

What are we doing for the creative professional community? We will be fast tracking our education programs to retrain workers, including those for traditional Film & TV, to create digital content.

Who are we looking to partner with on training? We are proud to be work again with AbelCine to launch new live-streaming courses on VR production. We are in discussions with The Writers Room 50/50 and SundanceCollab to help train creatives on writing, editing, and producing for digital needs.

In order to move quickly – companies should focus on their core business– and outsource the rest. When it comes to your online communications, CreatorUp is here for the rest – we are here to help you go virtual quickly whether it’s live-streaming, on demand media, or VR.

Are you a company in an industry that is quickly shifting and could use media to help you do that? Please reach out if you are interested in chatting with us about how to help your company innovate.

Are you a creative freelancer that is looking to get back to work or retrain? Please sign up to be a part of our creative community at our Creator Hub.

Mike Tringe
Mike Tringe
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