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10 key learning tips for “Purposeful Work Time”

As Google re-opens mandatory office time 3x/ week what does this mean for remote workforce trends? Will we all be sucked back into an office by next week? Here are 10 key learning tips for “Purposeful Work Time” with a 90/10 Hybrid Remote / In-Person work plan:

1)   90/10 Hybrid Remote / In-Person was a simple idea to work majority remote, while building in in-person meetings for collaborative off-sites, meet & greets, dinners, conferences, and other team building or strategic initiative ideation sessions.

2)   Yes, you can always work remotely. If someone asks me this question – the answer is always yes. If you feel that is the best fit for you – you should do what you feel makes you the most productive version of you that allows you to create the most meaningful business impact with your work.

3)   Remote isn’t always better. Remote can be inefficient: guard carefully against developing bad habits: poor digital manners, procrastination & distraction. Jumping from time boxed meetings with heads in boxes removes a human connection. Remote isn’t a license to do just “do whatever you want.”

4)   The power of In-Person. When I see people, I feel connected. It gives me energy, and it creates community. This is what’s it’s critical to create in-person programming: celebratory dinners, planned off-sites, new hire meet & greets – the list goes on.

5)   OK to hire remotely, but onboard in person. I have made it a rule to try to meet new hires in person – not only does it build a strong trust bond – but it is an important alignment to establish vision, mission, and values.

6)   Remote can be hyper-productive. Remote can be a great catalyst for getting things done, creating a much-needed opportunity to heads down GSD.

7)   Get real in person. What we miss with the informal interactions of remote, we can still get if we plan for in person with intentionality. Make the most of your in-person time by keeping it informal and personal, while also getting to the point on business issues and hard conversations.

8)   Bake in remote breaks. Make sure there is AT LEAST a 5 minute buffer between all meetings. We all need a mental break – and it’s a recipe for burnout to have non-stop meetings.

9)   Organize time more carefully. Every Sunday, I look ahead at my week. What meetings are needed, and not needed. If the answer is optional – then I block that time to get work done.

10) Leave room for informal. When in person or remote – walk or make time with a colleague to have coffee. We’re all people with lives after all, and a health & happiness first approach should be the north star of a healthy company culture.

There are clear tradeoffs to missing that critical in person time – but with the right balance of remote vs. in person, you can aspire to a work-life balance to get the best both of both worlds. Please share what remote vs. in-person tips or strategies have worked best for you in the comments!

Mike Tringe
Mike Tringe
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