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“The Basement School of All”​ – Video Resources for Online Edu

My nephew Liam named my sister’s new school – “The Basement School of All” – and it is glorious. She has three kids all 5 and under, and she is now their teacher – in addition to a being full time working mom.

I will of course post some resources here that I think could be useful – but I also want to use this space to hear from you and your friends and families – what resources are you using at home?

During these strange times – it’s critical that we stay connected, stay creative, build community, collaborate, and help each other. Please contribute your recommendations in the comments section of this article.

Are you a parent?

Have you seen Google and YouTube just curated a list of resources for parents to teach at home here.
My sister also recommends Scholastic’s Teach at Home Kits during school closures.

And whether or not you are a SoCal resident or not – it’s exciting to see what PBS SoCal has done to help LAUSD go online quickly with its At-Home Learning Solutions.

A few years ago – CreatorUp collaborated with Khan Academy’s Lab school to teach their students how to make their own news show. We’re opening up that Learning Kit here for you to take a look at the curriculum and activities. My niece Laurel attended and really enjoyed it!

Are you an educator? 

Here’s an upcoming webinar shared by Deobrah Quazzo at GSV about “Best Practices for Taking Learning Online with Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera – Register here.
See EdSurge’s ongoing guide Sustaining Higher Education during the Corona Virus.

Do you need instructional design support? EdSurge recently posted about the Instructional Design Emergency Response Network.
If you are looking to go Online with your Courses – let CreatorUp know how we can help you with your live online or on demand media strategy. We would be happy to consult with you and you can find more info here – contact us here.

One of my favorite resources for all things video learning is also SchoolTube – a safe place for your students to watch video lessons.
For any of your STEM students – our colleague Shiv has done an excellent job of using accessible animation to help explain more about COVID-19 from a scientific perspective.

Are you a student?

See what other students are saying in the most recent Campus Sonar report around student campus conversations online.

As a fellow citizen – I encourage you to take a look at GIBLIB’s COVID-19 series to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on our systems and society here.
Thank you in advance for your contribution to this list of resources – I hope that were able to find something useful to share with the education community and we look forward to hearing from you about how we can be helpful! Don’t hesitate to message me directly or make a comment to ask any questions and we’ll be sure to respond quickly.

Mike Tringe
Mike Tringe
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