CreatorUp Rapid Online Migration offers quick, high-quality video solutions for educators and corporate learning & development teams.

Schools, colleges and professional training organizations around the world have asked us about solutions for uninterrupted learning during the coronavirus outbreak.

CreatorUp is a global digital video creation and production company with extended expertise in digital media training and online learning. We are headquartered in Los Angeles, and have offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Athens that support our global network of video creators and trainers. In response to the Coronavirus, we’re adapting our video solutions to help. Please review our Rapid Online Migration packages below, and reach out to discuss how we can help you swiftly be ready to educate and train online.




Live Online Instruction
Training Services and Video Production Services

The dizzying pace of the move to online caught most educational organizations off guard. Instructors are doing their heroic best, but find themselves in front of students online with little or no time to learn how to teach in a new way for a medium that is very different than in person and in the classroom. CreatorUp Live Online packages include

  • Lesson plans and curriculum optimization
  • Materials format conversion and testing
  • Training for Instructors and support staff for live online medium
  • Platform evaluation and recommendation
  • Technical consultation, prep, and testing
  • Evaluation and certification of the presenter locations
  • Live launch support including walkthroughs and rehearsals

For Educators & Instructional Designers

If your institution or teachers are new to online education, let us help you quickly understand the best practices of online education and rapidly develop an effective content strategy.  We offer an in-person or live-online Learning Design and Video Strategy Workshop to teach your teams how to teach with video, and walk away with a plan of action.

Options include:

  • Free 30 minute webinar 
  • Full-day in-person or live-online workshop

For Instructors

Rapid Online Migration
Training Services and Video Production Services

With Rapid Online Migration, teachers can continue teaching online even if confined to their own homes or offices. CreatorUp trains your instructors on how to create their own bite-size online lesson videos and translate their lectures into live streams. 

Options include: 

  • DIY Support 
  • Script Writing Support 
  • Feedback Support
  • Editing Support  
  • Production Starter 

For Instructors

“Get Ready to Present”
Training Services

Learn how to present professionally on camera. Our training experts can get your teachers and instructors comfortable with how to present for live online and recorded video. We provide practical and proven advice and support around presentation style/delivery, clothing, posture, hair and makeup, and lighting, and address any technical questions. Sessions can be provided as pre-recorded video, or held live online. 

For Organizational Leaders

Communication Videos
Video Production Services

Develop and shoot scripted communication videos that address the issues your institution and organizations would like to address. Possibilities include: 

  • Announcements, updates and operational innovations
  • Directions for students, parents, staff, teachers, and stakeholders
  • Promotion, demonstration, and ‘how to’ communications for new live online offerings

For Everyone

Remote Video Solutions
Video Production Services

We have innovative solutions to deliver quality production without the need for your team to travel including remote consultation, animations, screen captures, stock footage, live online events and other products that will keep your message flowing.

Package prices range from $2,000 – $5,000 per service

A few things to know about us:

We create instructionally sound academic content at scale for clients like Blackboard, Trilogy, Cengage, ed2go, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges.

We are a global training partner with Google, YouTube, and Twitter to deliver training on their behalf to top agencies, brands and creators in over 15 countries.

We are an official supplier to the Special Olympics for video production services.


Our Speed to Market 

We specialize in rapid delivery of quality video at scale.

Our Global Workforce 

Our global network of creative and production professionals enables efficient worldwide production. 

Our Training Expertise 

Our early roots as a filmmaker-founded digital media training company make us the training partner of choice for clients like Twitter, YouTube, and Google.

Our Platform Agnosticism 

Whether live or pre-recorded video, we work with and adapt to your choice for platform partner.

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