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Screen Capture

A Screen Capture is a recording of your computer screen accompanied by your audio narration. It's a great way to review slides, demonstrate an idea or exercise, or present how-to instructions. With Screen Capture, your audience has control over their learning because they're able to pause, rewind, or watch the video as much as they need, to comprehend and learn the material.

Pricing is based on each 20-minute segment of edited content. Allow two weeks for post production. Choose from Basic or Premium service below.

Customize your Project
A CreatorUp Standard Animation includes up to one minute of simple motion graphics, such as text, title cards, and/or stock inconographics for each 20-minute segment of content.
Tell your story visually by adding cutaway shots. Supplement what your interviewee is discussing with a few shots (up to 40 seconds of stock b-roll per video) that demonstrate key ideas. Also helps smooth transitions and allows us to further strengthen your speakers story during the editing process.
A CreatorUp Standard Consultation (1-2 hours) with one of our producers will assist you in developing the media plan and video content.
The Remote Webcam Kit allows you to shoot quality footage from the comfort of your home or office. We will send you a video production kit that includes a microphone, a light kit, a webcam, and a laptop computer. This add-on is for a one day rental and includes one hour tech support and best practices tutorial from our remote video production team. Includes Los Angeles delivery, shipping to other locations not included.
Want to be present in your videos so you can speak directly to your audience? Introduce your screen capture? Send us your self-taped video and well include it, full screen or as a pop-up bubble in your screen capture video (up to 20 minutes of recorded content).
To further engage your students, we can help you redesign your slides so that they retain the information you want to share with them while being visually appealing. Up to 20 slides per 20-minute video.

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