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Relaunch (Post Covid) Social Media Brand Spokesperson

As you plan to reopen for in-person meetings following COVID-19, reassure your client about the safety protocols your company is taking. Engage them with effective 6-second, 10-second or 1 minute videos made specifically for social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, or Twitter. Our CreatorUp casting team will access our wide network of inclusive and diverse talent and provide you with a camera-ready professional who will make your customers and clients feel secure returning to your business.

Pricing for this product is per 20-minute segment. Approximate delivery timeline: 1.5 weeks prep (before filming), 1 week editorial (after filming). Approximately 2.5 days additional prep and editorial for each additional interview. Discuss your timeframe needs with your producer during your kick-off call - shorter timeframes may be possible, additional rush fees apply. Choose a tier of service from the dropdown menu.

Customize your Project
Adding a camera operator allows you to add production value to the final product and provides you with more control in the editorial process, giving you more options to edit seamlessly without cutaways.
Same as above, but our camera operator can return to your location on an additional day for scheduling convenience (full process approx. 1.5 hours).
Tell your story visually by adding cutaway shots. Supplement what you are discussing with a few shots that demonstrate key ideas. Also helps smooth transitions and allows us to further strengthen your story during the editing process. Adds one additional hour to your shoot day (including set-up). Must be same location.
A CreatorUp Standard Consultation (1-2 hours) with one of our producers will assist you in developing the media plan and video content.
For in person productions, we practice strict safety protocols, which includes testing for all crew, location sanitization, etc.
Add interactive features that can deliver relevant content to your audience and augment the viewing experience. Up to 5 minutes of interactivity.
A CreatorUp Standard Screen Capture includes one of our certified editors who will edit the audio you recorded, removing errors, and then combine the screen capture with audio so that it appears smooth and seamless. This add-on includes stock graphics, such as arrows, and one royalty-free music track. You will receive up to 20 minutes of screen capture content for your video.

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