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Professional Training - Documentary-Style

Professional training programs not only increase employee retention within your organization, but they are also very attractive to prospective candidates. Give your team the tools and training they need to get to the next level in their careers with this professional training video package. Using a combination of interviews and b-roll, we'll help you create a comprehensive training video or series of videos that engage and motivate your team to improve their skillset.

Pricing is per length of shoot. Delivery timeline: 2 weeks of pre-production, 6 weeks of post production. Choose a tier of service from the dropdown menu.

Customize your Project
Adding a camera operator allows you to add production value to the final product and provides you with more control in the editorial process, giving you more options to edit seamlessly without cutaways.
A CreatorUp Pro Consultation (1-2 hours) with one of our senior consultants (producer, live online experts, etc...) will assist you in developing the media plan and video content.
For in person productions, we practice strict safety protocols, which includes testing for all crew, location sanitization, etc.

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