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Client Experience Testimonial

Testimonials from satisfied clients about the experience of working with you to build trust in your brand and enthusiasm about potential collaboration. A natural, authentic way of building interest in your product, testimonials can reach new customers and encourage current customers to continue engaging with your business.

Pricing for this product is per interview. Delivery timeline is one week for pre-production, and three weeks for post-production. If you have specific needs, please discuss with your producer. Rush delivery may involve additional fees. Choose a tier of service from the dropdown menu.

Customize your Project
Adding a camera operator allows you to add production value to the final product and provides you with more control in the editorial process, giving you more options to edit seamlessly without cutaways.
In some larger markets, such as New York, Chicago, Miami, etc, there is a 15% increase due to higher crew costs.
Make your image pop and add style by having one of our experts finesse the colors and contrast of your video.
A CreatorUp Standard Consultation (1-2 hours) with one of our producers will assist you in developing the media plan and video content.
For in person productions, we practice strict safety protocols, which includes testing for all crew, location sanitization, etc.
Filming your scene in front of a green screen enables layering any background with the subject in post production.
We will work with you to develop a script that conveys your message while engaging your audience.
A talented actor can play the role of a host, interviewer, interviewee and/or narrate copy.

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