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Capture Only - B-Roll

B-roll is a critical storytelling element for any video project. Whether you're looking to capture product shots, document a particular moment, or collect footage to be used at a later date, we've got the talent for the job! With this package, we match you with a certified camera operator who will come to your location and record your desired b-roll. We will then deliver you the raw footage that you are free to use for any video project you create.

  • One-person certified crew:
    • Single-camera operator
    • Single location, provided by the client
    • Two-hour shoot (including set-up)
    • Sound direct to camera

Pricing is per hour, with a minimum of two hours.

Customize your Project
Non-union actor for background (non-speaking) role.
Non-union actor for a speaking role in your project.
Add additional camera for expanded coverage. Pricing per day of filming.
Bring your cast together to practice the script before shoot day (up to 4 hours of rehearsal time).
One of our certified producers will help you develop the creative concept for your project.
A team of producers will develop and pitch you three creative concepts for your project.
A subject matter expert will work with you to develop a creative and effective concept for your project.
Small production stage, flexible location. Pricing per day.
Highly specific location (school, business, medical, premium soundstage, etc...). Pricing per day.
Specific but common location (office, home, upgraded soundstage etc...). Pricing per day.
Well copy edit your existing script to make it feel conversational on screen with up to one round of revisions
Well script complex educational, technical, or marketing content with up to three rounds of revisions and/or expertise.
Well script your narrative or other creative content with up to two rounds of revisions.
Simple black and white storyboarding with one round of revisions. Pricing per pack of 12 frames. (Recommended: 12 frames/minute)
Presentation-ready full-color storyboarding with premium design. Pricing per pack of 12 frames. (Recommended: 12 frames/minute)
Black and white artfully designed storyboarding with two rounds of revisions. Pricing per pack of 12 frames. (Recommended: 12 frames/minute)
In some larger markets, such as New York, Chicago, Miami, etc, there is a 15% increase due to higher crew costs.
Make your image pop and add style by having one of our experts finesse the colors and contrast of your video.
Will your content be produced in a language other than English? We’ll make sure our team is prepared to get it right!
Having an original music score will make your video stand out and help underline who you are as a brand. You will receive up to one minute of original music for your video content.
Music sets the tone and creates an immediate immersive experience for your audience. You will receive one license-free music track.
Add a level of polish as one of our expert sound designers optimizes the sound of your video (up to 20 minutes of video content).
Need a shooting space? We can provide studio rentals with such amenities as greenscreen and white cyc.
Need a controlled shooting location? Rent out studio space at a cost-effective price for your shoot.
Teleprompters helps ensure your messages are delivered as intended while maintaining eye contact with the camera.

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