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CreatorUp Puts Creators And Creative Professionals To Work With New Opportunities In Its Global Media Marketplace

Los Angeles, October 12, 2021






CreatorUp is playing a key role in offering training and work opportunities to creators and creative professionals with a system that fosters inclusivity and career growth.

Producing content for CreatorUp’s groundbreaking video marketplace requires teams of skilled professionals with a diversity of backgrounds. By offering specialized training and rewarding  job opportunities, CreatorUp is uniquely positioned to help clients, creators, and creative professionals all at the same time.

With demand for video at an all-time high and growing daily, the innovative CreatorUp Marketplace lets anyone access the power of video to educate, communicate, and inspire. 

Once a client chooses from the Marketplace’s  400+ video services, ranging from live-action to animation and from live-streaming to immersive 360VR, CreatorUp matches them with the perfect creator or creative team to execute their vision and provide best-in-class production services.

CreatorUp doesn’t stop at just placing creatives on projects. CreatorUp Learning offers access to hundreds of on-demand learning modules from top creative professionals in digital media, for expanding knowledge, improving skills, and providing an ongoing career path.

In addition to traditional video production skills, CreatorUp is facilitating the learning of cutting edge technology for job opportunities in XR (VR, AR, MR), drone videography, and AI-videos, while using the latest in digital editing and production tools.  

CreatorUp also provides a level of professional education and training that has benefited major social media platforms and their creators, who have learned to present their authentic voices, in an original manner.

“Our training and certification programs help ensure the highest-quality results for our clients,” said CreatorUp CEO and Co-Founder Mike Tringe. “We’re thrilled to be able to help improve the capabilities of creative talents, allowing them to pursue the satisfying types of work they love.”

CreatorUp recently closed a $5M series A round of funding led by New Markets Venture Partners, who has special expertise in the growing training markets. “We love that CreatorUp drives professional learning and training as part of their business model,” said Jason Palmer, General Partner of New Markets Venture Partners. “By training others to their own high standards, CreatorUp is enabling a new generation of creatives to take control over their work lives.”

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At CreatorUp, We make video easy.™ 


CreatorUp is a global video marketplace that allows clients to instantly purchase from over 400 video services. From live-action to animation and from live-streaming to immersive 360VR, the CreatorUp Marketplace has video solutions across all industries. With expertise in education, social impact, events, and all types of business and marketing communications, CreatorUp helps any size of organization inspire, educate and drive results through video.

The company activates, trains, fosters inclusion, and certifies creators to produce video content quickly and cost-effectively, to professional quality standards and production values, providing them opportunities to engage in exciting new work they love doing. 

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Athens, Dubai, Mumbai, and Singapore. 

At CreatorUp, We make video easy™


New Markets Venture Partners, the nation’s oldest education and workforce technology VC firm, is a leading impact venture capital firm that invests in and actively assists early and growth-stage education and workforce technology companies. The New Markets team has decades of experience supporting evidence-based, high-growth companies that improve economic and social mobility by leveraging deep relationships with centers of education and workforce innovation. New Markets prides itself on adding value to their portfolio companies before, during and after the investment process, with the ultimate goal of improving both individual outcomes and America’s education workforce system.


Contact:     Mike Tringe, CEO & Co-founder, CreatorUp –   (323) 300-4725

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