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Metavallon VC Presents Portfolio Company CreatorUp – A Disruptive Digital Video Platform Addressing The Massive Growth Of Global Video Demand

Athens, May 4, 2020




Metavallon VC is delighted to be working with LA-based CreatorUp, the turn-key solution to digital video creation providing End-to-End Production and Digital Media Talent Empowerment.

Founded in 2013 by Michael Tringe and Xiaoyu Hugh Hou, CreatorUp is every company’s secret to success in digital video production. With digital video now the #1 most important customer communication channel for every company, CreatorUp’s “Video Marketplace” is an accessible, turn-key solution that offers high quality, cost-effective, custom video services that leverage CreatorUp’s global network of creators, producers, and digital filmmakers. CreatorUp curates, trains, and manages the network centrally, and can produce anywhere around the world, in any language, and at scale. Recent CreatorUp production work has included producing the content for the Special Olympics Abu Dhabi: promotional videos, social media video content, storytelling video narratives, and live streaming, as well as 360VR experiences in collaboration with Samsung, offered the first-ever opportunity for worldwide engagement with Special Olympics athletes in an unprecedented and immersive way. 

What’s the CreatorUp advantage? CreatorUp trains the best creators and the world’s biggest brands. Creators join the CreatorHub for the most up-to-date digital media skills training. CreatorUp vets this international network of digital video creators, ensuring a high level of production quality. In addition to creator training, top brands like Twitter, YouTube, and Nestle trust CreatorUp to train their staff, clients, and partners in the latest digital media advancements, a further endorsement of CreatorUp’s superior knowledge of digital video.

“The demand for global digital content creation has grown undeniably fast in recent years,” said CreatorUp CEO and Co-founder Michael Tringe. “Above all,” Tringe continued, “we want to create dynamic content with engaging and memorable video experiences that can be produced globally and cost-effectively at scale. We hope to revolutionise the digital media industry with our Video Marketplace by perfecting and embedding inspiration, adding new and simplified ways to buy video, offering the most up to date technologies, like 360VR, and passing on cost savings to our customers.”

With the rise of the Influencer and dominance of Youtube as a mainstream media platform, the global Digital Content market has been and will continue growing at an exponential rate. It is a market valued at 129.6 trillion USD in 2018 and expected to grow to 271.3 trillion USD by the end of 2024. Because of this, CreatorUp has gained global traction, creating content for YouTube, Cengage, Google, Lacoste, and Twitter amongst other leading names. CreatorUp’s competitive edge comes from working with hundreds of certified creative professionals from all over the world, consistently deepening the capacity of its production network in order to seamlessly adapt to changes in the market for content.

“Exponential growth in demand is urging the creative industry to shift towards market-first digitization, streamlining, and automation of their to-date ad-hoc processes and activities related to the ordering, staffing projects, and producing content. CreatorUp is the best positioned company to take on this shift and gigantic undertaking, both because of its leading position as an end-to-end video production studio and due to its resolution to change the creative edutech landscape. Indeed, the past years were dedicated to building a platform that engages, trains, and empowers creative talent in the market. CreatorUp is now expanding and leveraging this capability to generate a potent global marketplace for leading brands, universities, and corporations to timely and systematically source high quality content for a wealth of engaging to enabling applications, be it digital marketing, human resource training, or online education,” states Alexandra Choli, Partner at Metavallon VC.

In a continuing global expansion, CreatorUp capped their offices in Dubai and Mumbai with an additional presence in Athens to better serve the Greek and wider European markets. CreatorUp is currently in pilot  with a major Greek food and coffee delivery service to develop training videos for Customer Service and Home Delivery. The Video Marketplace and CreatorHub are both available in Greece and Europe, allowing companies to order videos and local creative professionals to up their skills with the latest training. Additionally, the Athens office heads CreatorUp’s platform development. 

As the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded, CreatorUp has successfully continued full capacity production, and expanded its digital media and video creation services to serve the changed marketplace.  CreatorUp quickly moved to continue to deliver quality video on time, leaning into their global network for creators equipped to self-shoot in social distancing scenarios, and offering alternatives to multi-camera productions like animation, single presenter video, screen capture, stock footage-based, and more. The need to quickly move in-person training for clients such as Twitter and Google to an online environment resulted in new product offerings, including Live Online for Educators and Live Online for Events. 

If you are a company, college, non-profit or any organization looking for video production, schedule a meeting or visit for more information. 

Metavallon VC is active in Seed investments, such as CreatorUp with rolling investment proposal submissions around the year. The fund is also active in Pre-Seed investments evaluated through cut-off deadlines. Interested companies are invited to submit their investment proposals at

CreatorUp is a global digital creative platform, specializing in video production and 360VR, and is one of the world’s leading digital media training companies, powering clients such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, Nestlé and more. CreatorUp vets creators to produce video quickly and cost-effectively, anywhere in the world, to professional quality standards and production values. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Athens, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore. We’re passionate about creating digital media content, and sharing industry-leading knowledge, to unlock the power of video. 


Mike Tringe, CEO & Co-founder, CreatorUp,



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