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CreatorUp Launches Daisy, the First AI Content Creation Platform That Combines the Best AI Tools with the Human Touch




April 19, 2023


CreatorUp Launches Daisy, the First AI Content Creation Platform That Combines the Best AI Tools with the Human Touch


Los Angeles, CA – CreatorUp, a leading provider of digital content solutions, has launched Daisy, a revolutionary AI-powered platform for content creation that helps turn ideas into stories quickly, easily, and at scale. 


Daisy is AI for everyone

Daisy is designed to help organizations of all sizes create high-quality content for education, corporate training, marketing, and communication by combining the power of the best generative AI tools and templates for text, images, translation, and videos with CreatorUp’s global network of more than 8,000 creative professionals.


AI makes it great

Daisy’s GenAI technology allows users to produce content ideas and create compelling media in just minutes. With Daisy, content creators no longer need to spend hours brainstorming ideas, researching topics, or learning complex production software. Instead, they can now focus on the core ideas and objectives they want to deliver and let Daisy do the heavy lifting.


The human touch makes it better

Supporting Daisy are thousands of creators, worldwide, who can provide services including content strategy consulting, video creation/editing, prompt engineering, and quality control, helping ensure that a user’s ideas can be turned into impactful digital media quickly and easily.


Daisy is a game-changer for content creation

We’re thrilled to launch Daisy and offer our customers a platform that is intuitive, fast, and powerful,” said Mike Tringe, CEO of CreatorUp. “Users can save time and money while increasing their engagement and reach.

“We believe that Daisy is a game-changer for content creation, and we’re excited to see the amazing content our users will create with it,” added Tringe. “I know that many users will find it an amazing resource for generating text, images, and video that will help improve outcomes for everything, from teaching to social media posts, marketing, fundraising, and more. 

“CreatorUp’s quest to democratize access to content creation is an immediate reality with Daisy,” said Sabari Raja, Managing Partner of JFF Ventures. “Daisy brings generative AI to another level by combining next-gen tools with the insights and imagination of professional creatives. This removes the intimidation factor that technology sometimes poses and also helps ensure that users have a positive creation experience.

“We’re excited to see how this changes the landscape for content creation,” added Raja.


Daisy is a game-changer for education and workforce development

“Across my career, there have been multiple times when people said, ‘AI is going to change everything,’ but it didn’t. This time truly is different,” said Jason Palmer, General Partner of New Markets Venture Partners.

“Daisy could be a real game-changer. Everyone can use Daisy’s simple, easy-to-use interface and tap into the talents of CreatorUp’s creative professionals to dramatically accelerate the creative production process and reduce costs. I can’t wait to see what our global network of clients and creators is able to achieve with it, added Palmer.”

A variety of risk-free subscription options, which include creator support, start as low as $49 per month. Additional support may be purchased anytime.

To learn more about, and subscribe to, Daisy, please visit


About CreatorUp

CreatorUp is a leading provider of digital media content for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations of all sizes. Its services include all types of content production, for live action, livestreaming, animation, immersive experiences, and now, generative AI. CreatorUp is dedicated to helping its clients succeed in the digital world by transforming the ways they create and purchase compelling content and reach their audiences. This includes the 24/7 CreatorUp Store [an eCommerce marketplace of more than 800 content solutions], a global network of 8,000+ creators, and the Daisy generative AI platform.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Athens, Dubai, Mumbai, and Singapore. Visit us online at and


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