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Los Angeles, April 4, 2022




CreatorUp has raised an additional round of financing from Gaingels and JFF (Jobs for the Future) to expand its first-of-its-kind video marketplace – that helps organizations of all sizes create professional video content easily and affordably anywhere in the world – while simultaneously providing training and opportunities for its creative workforce. 

Funds will be used to expand operations of the CreatorUp marketplace, which features more than 650 proven video solutions, in a multitude of styles and formats, that give clients the ability to choose, purchase, and create bespoke media with just a click.

“Powering the production of CreatorUp’s content is a network of almost 7,000 creative professionals, who bring a wealth of diversity and creativity to our projects,” said Mike Tringe, CreatorUp’s Co-founder and CEO. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer these opportunities in this new creative landscape.”

“What makes these new investments special is that they come from organizations particularly aligned with the business and social missions of our company,” added Tringe.




Increasing diversity to improve creative outcomes

“One of Gaingels’ core tenets is to ‘support diversity and foster equality,’ and that aligns directly with the ethos of CreatorUp,” said Tringe. “Diversity and equity are not only paramount social pillars for us, but we feel that they make our company stronger. By tapping into a broader and more connected workforce, where we have access to more languages, cultures, and perspectives, we’re able to deliver video content that resonates and drives better results for our clients. 


Helping creators thrive by accessing 21st-century job opportunities

“Satisfying CreatorUp’s wide range of clients and their creative needs requires teams of skilled professionals. To help, CreatorUp offers access to hundreds of on-demand learning modules from top creative professionals in digital media, for expanding knowledge, improving skills, and fostering inclusivity and career growth for next-gen jobs. This dovetails perfectly with JFF’s mandate to drive change in the American workforce and education systems to promote economic advancement for all.

“By providing specialized training and rewarding job opportunities, CreatorUp is uniquely positioned to help clients and creators at the same time. We’re thrilled to be able to help improve the capabilities of creative talents, allowing them to pursue the work they love while ensuring that our clients get top-quality digital content.


“At CreatorUp, we truly believe that ‘Diversity + Opportunity = Creative Excellence’”



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CreatorUp is a global video production company that allows clients to instantly purchase from more than 650 video services. From live-action to animation and from live-streaming to immersive 360VR, CreatorUp has video solutions across all industries. With expertise in education, social impact, events, and all types of business and marketing communications, CreatorUp helps any size of organization inspire, educate, and drive results through video.

The company activates, trains, fosters inclusion, and certifies creators to produce video content quickly and cost-effectively, to professional-quality standards and production values, providing them opportunities to engage in exciting new work they love doing. 

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Athens, Dubai, Mumbai, and Singapore. 

At CreatorUp, We make video easy™

Contact:     Mike Tringe, CEO & Co-founder, CreatorUp – –  (323) 300-4725

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Mike Tringe
Mike Tringe
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