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CreatorUp Launches its Redesigned Learning Store with Courses for Creators, Upskilling them for New Job Opportunities, including in Generative AI


June 14, 2023

CreatorUp Launches its Redesigned Learning Store with Courses for Creators,
Upskilling them for New Job Opportunities, including in Generative AI  


Los Angeles, CA – CreatorUp, a leading provider of digital content solutions and GenAI platforms, has launched its redesigned CreatorUp Learning Store and is featuring a brand-new offering to introduce generative AI to the creative world.



Learn more to earn more

In line with its goal to support its more than 8,000-member creator network with work opportunities, CreatorUp is focused on giving its members – and the general public – the opportunities to learn more about areas of interest in the creative sector. These course offerings provide learners with the information needed to increase their skill sets and obtain more work, including through the CreatorUp creator network, improving their personal economic outlooks.

The future is now

With the rapid growth and interest in (generative) AI, CreatorUp has produced a course called “AI for Creators,” which instructs participants on how to use generative AI tools for content creation. “If creators can do their jobs faster and more efficiently – and even help others leverage the power of this revolutionary technology – it’s a win for everyone,” said Mike Tringe, CEO of CreatorUp. “GenAI is opening the door to many new opportunities, and the more that people can use this powerful tool, the better off they’ll be positioned in the long run.”


Daisy ties it all together

CreatorUp’s new generative AI platform, Daisy, was developed with content creation in mind. It helps turn ideas into stories quickly, easily, and at scale. Combined with a support network trained in the workings of GenAI, Daisy can address the content needs of creators as well as educators and businesspeople. Because Daisy’s key feature is “AI with the human touch,” a trained base of GenAI experts provides a seamless experience for users along with increased work opportunities for creators.



A variety of learning options

The CreatorUp Learning Store has numerous courses ranging from AI for Creators and How to Become a Cinematographer to How to Build a YouTube Channel into a Business, which can help users improve their creative skills. Most sell in the range of $10-$25, making them an affordable investment in a creator’s career.


The CreatorUp Learning Store is online 24/7 at:

CreatorUp is online at:

Learn more about Daisy at:

About CreatorUp

CreatorUp is a leading provider of digital media content for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations of all sizes. Its services include all types of content production for live action, livestreaming, animation, immersive experiences, and now, generative AI. CreatorUp is dedicated to helping its clients succeed in the digital world by transforming the ways they create and purchase compelling content and reach their audiences. This includes the 24/7 CreatorUp Store [an eCommerce marketplace of more than 800 content solutions], a global network of 8,000+ creators, and the Daisy generative AI platform.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Athens, Dubai, Mumbai, and Singapore. Visit us online at and

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