Remote 4K Digital Camera Kit

Looking to produce quality content safely and efficiently? Rent all you need from us. Remote production is growing in importance in these times. Our Remote 4K Digital Camera Kit includes all you need to get started to rent all you need. We send you your kit, plus our producers help getting you set up through the entire process.

This remote 4K Camera Kit is a professional level camera set up with extensive lighting package and studio microphone set ups. The camera kit includes a professional 4K camera, lavalier microphones, lighting kit, stands, tripods and sandbags, as well as a professional director's monitor to view yourself on camera! This package includes a remote technical set up with a CreatorUp Director of Photography and Producer as well as two days of remote support during your production

  • 4K Professional Camera (Sony ZV-1 Camera or similar)
  • Microphone Kit (Rode Wireless Go Lavalier Microphone or similar)
  • Light Kit (Raleno LED Soft Light Panel or similar)
  • Tech Set Up
  • 2 Days Full Remote Shoot
  • Producer and DP Support
  • Shipping to 1 Person

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