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Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp

Digital Video: Why & How it Works

  • Intro to the role of video and influencers in content marketing
  • 5 data driven reasons why video is the best choice when creating effective and powerful content.
Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp

Video Content Strategy

  • Translate your brand essentials into opportunities for video content
  • Define formats that work for specific KPIs
  • Cross-platform editorial framework
  • Video production structure. 

Storytelling with Video

  • Types of video used in content marketing
  • What platforms specific video types work best on
  • What each platform has to offer you in return
  • Platform-specific case studies
  • Uncovering what makes videos successful 
  • How to overcome the biggest buzz-term of all: “going viral.”

Metrics & Growth Hacks

  • Production and optimization 
  • Posting at the right time
  • Identifying your ideal frequency on each platform
  • Specific hacks for growth you can leverage through video
  • Defining paid, owned and earned media to achieve viewership, subscribers and trace back to brand + campaign KPI’s.

Influencer Content Strategy | Integrated Video & Influencer Strategy

  • Identifying key differences between creators and influencers
  • Roles in the content marketing ecosystem
  • Why they’re relevant to your brand
  • How to work with them and what to expect
  • Map out how a brand can approach collaborations with them

Facebook Deep Dive

  • Creating content that speaks the language of Facebook
  • Understanding how to prompt meaningful conversations
  • Tackling the algorithm changes
  • Posting to segmented audiences
  • Leveraging live video in the equation

Instagram Deep Dive

  • Creating content that speaks the language of Instagram and Instagram Live & IGTV
  • Curated timelines 
  • FOMO videos
  • Leveraging hashtags
  • Complement the structured content with flexible live and in-post interactions

YouTube Deep Dive

  • Creating content that speaks the language of YouTube
  • Learn how to leverage organic and paid tools
  • Get the most out of your channel 
  • Gain visibility through creative, editorial and production frameworks
  • Short and long form video best practices on the platform

Twitter Deep Dive

  • Creating content that speaks the language of Twitter
  • Discover Twitter video trends & perceptions
  • Video publishers, brand-safety, and transparency 
  • Understanding First View & Promoted Video
  • In-Stream Video Ads and Sponsorships
  • Video campaign reports

Power Pitching

  • Learn how to present a power-packed version of your video idea
  • Elements of a pitch
  • Your presentation style

Short Form Video

  • How your brand can succeed with short-form video
  • Best practices for the most exciting ad format – six second ads, sequences, and more. Create short-form ads from an interactive brief or creatively hack existing assets
  • Learn how to effectively tell short-form stories on YouTube and Facebook.


Storytelling for Change

  • Tell YOUR story
  • How to tell your story
  • Who is your audience?
  • Tone
  • Learn from your community
  • Clear goals
  • Call to action
  • Audience journey

Social Impact Workshop for Non-Profits

  • Communicating your cause
  • Help the world find you
  • Build your community
  • Engage your community to share your cause
  • Campaign longevity
  • Social impact action plan
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