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Student Orientation Animated Video

Give your incoming class the warm welcome they deserve with a creative and engaging animated video that introduces them to their new learning environment. Whether you specialize in remote learning, in-person education, or a mix of both, animated videos are a compelling way to share about your educational institution and get your new students acquainted with the school's systems and culture.

Approximate Delivery Timeline: 2 weeks of pre-production, 6 weeks of post-production

Pricing is per minute of finished content, with a minimum order of 3 minutes of content

Customize your Project
Our talented and certified screenwriters will review client-written scripts and offer recommendations to make them clearer or more engaging.
We will work with you to develop a script that conveys your message while engaging your audience.
A talented voice over artist will perform a role or read the copy that goes with your video. Up to one minute of narration.

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