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Remote 4K Digital Camera Kit

Looking to produce quality high-def videos safely and efficiently? CreatorUp can rent you everything you need, saving you time and the expense of costly hardware. Remote production is growing in importance and our Remote 4K Digital Camera Kit includes everything you need to get going. Plus, our producers will help get you set up through the entire process, so you never have to worry about being totally on your own.

Customize your Project
Need us to transfer the kit to an additional city before returning to Los Angeles?
Need us to safely transport your Remote Kit between locations in the same city?
For clients outside the Los Angeles area, shipping to your location and return to Los Angeles.
One hour per participant recommended. Price is per hour.
Have one of our CreatorUp certified producers on webcam with you to monitor your recording and ensure you look and sound your best. Price is per hour of coaching time, recommend 3:1 to estimated length of final recording.
One of our certified camera assistants will set up the kit for you at your home or office (COVID-safe protocols followed, of course) so that you will look and sound your best. Price is per participant.

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