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E-Commerce Remote Video

Showcasing the best features of your product has never been easier! Create video content great for any Ecommerce platform while a certified CreatorUp producer walks you through the process remotely.

How it works: You'll schedule a 90-minute time slot to meet your producer inside the CreatorUp virtual video studio. They will guide you through the steps to set up the perfect shot and direct you to bring out your best, most engaging self. That footage is immediately sent to our talented editors so they can polish it off and turn it into an engaging, scroll-stopping piece of content!

Need help deciding what kind of videos will make the biggest impact? Or want some extra set-up support? Select the "concept development" add-on, and we'll match you with a skilled CreatorUp producer to plan out your remote production session.

Looking to produce long-form content remotely? Check out our VIP remote production package.

Pricing is for a single 90-minute shoot that yields approximately 5-10 minutes of finished content. If you need additional production time during your session, please select ‘Additional Production’ in the customize your project production menu.

*We record all the footage through your phone camera! Therefore, this package requires: an iPhone 11 or newer model OR an Android manufactured after 2017.

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Customize your Project
One of our certified producers will help you develop the creative concept for your project.
One additional production hour that yields an additional 5 minute of content.

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