​Performance & Analytics Lead

Performance & Analytics Lead
  • Exceptional communication skills, with extensive experience communicating professionally in local language and English
  • Strong performer that takes initiative
  • Has a proven track record of managing and completing tasks diligently
  • Highly responsive and organized in ongoing communication with executive-level workshop staff/instructors
  • Able to design processes and procedures to be implemented in daily workflow
  • Experience in digital media, entertainment, entrepreneurship, business
  • Network of relevant industry professionals to help source workshop staff and instructors
  • Experience planning and executing events from start to finish
  • Financial experience is preferred

Program Performance Analysis

  • Oversees collection and reporting of data surrounding project performance utilizing global, regional and local input surveys
  • Coordinate post-workshop debriefs
  • Recommendations for program optimizations/adjustments
  • Identifying trends within the data to help guide direction of current and future programs
F​inancial Administration
  • Managing the financial performance and profitability of the initiative
  • Financial tracking, project profitability reports in conjunction with accounting
  • Oversee the budget of the entire engagement
  • Ensure invoicing and billing are coded accordingly and hitting the right account
  • Working with SalesForce admins to create necessary budget codes
  • Manage the financial report for the engagement including how CreatorUp is tracking against proposed budget, where overspend is happening, and opportunities to streamline the budget
  • Manage all questions around contractor and employee invoicing and coordinate with accounting to ensure timely payment

Program Management Support

  • Assist Global Assoc. Director with managing local market workshop planning and rollout
  • Monitor registration and completion via Intellum platform
  • Share registration/completion numbers with local teams
  • Attend meetings
  • Attend workshops to assist with execution
  • Monitor instructor training progress

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