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1. Starting the Project

We work with you to find out the type of video you need to best achieve your objectives. Show us examples or describe what you need so we can help you tell your story.

2. Finalizing the Scope

We identify what it will take to bring your project to life – from mapping out timelines and budgets, to identifying the perfect team to make your project a success.

3. Creatives and Creation

We assign the best creative team members to execute your project in collaboration with you, and project manage the video from start to finish.


How much will it cost to get my project made?

CreatorUp has competitive pricing. We offer premium custom quality video at affordable rates, made by certified industry pros. How is this humanly possible? Digital technology! We leverage best in class digital equipment and software, and cost-effective workflows including smart scheduling, video bundling, and efficient staffing. As long as you tell us what type of project you want made, we will give you a transparent estimate in less than 24 hours. Just help us out by telling us – what can we get started for you today? Fill out our super-fast smart order form.

What is the best method to communicate the vision for the video we need?

CreatorUp is all about you. Every project starts with your ideas. Our job is to translate your ideas into amazing videos. It’s easy to share your ideas with us – you can tell us over the phone, share video links, or ask for samples to get inspiration based on our expertise in each industry.  Just start telling us right here!

What separates CreatorUp from a production company or an agency?

CreatorUp is here to help. We are your strategic partner for digital video success, helping you accomplish your goals with video content. We help you become a smart buyer, because of our unique position as a global leader in video training for all digital platforms for top companies: you get access to industry best practices, trends, and insights.

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