Quickly take your conference or event virtual

As an industry conference or event planner, you make possible the learning, networking, and product promotion that helps grow our businesses. With the shutdown of most conferences for the foreseeable future, how do you fill that void for your registrants and planned attendees? CreatorUp can help you quickly transition your event to a virtual gathering with online video packages and speaker training. 

CreatorUp is a global digital video creation and production company with extended expertise in digital media training and live online presentation. We are headquartered in Los Angeles, and have offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Athens that support our global network of video creators and trainers. We are an official supplier to the Special Olympics for video production services and global partners with Google, YouTube, and Twitter to deliver training on their behalf to top agencies, brands and creators in over 15 countries. 



Our Speed to Market 

We specialize in rapid delivery of quality video at scale.

Our Global Workforce 

Our global network of creative and production professionals enables efficient worldwide production. 

Our Training Expertise 

Our early roots as a filmmaker-founded digital media training company make us the training partner of choice for clients like Twitter, YouTube, and Google.

Our Platform Agnosticism 

Whether live or pre-recorded video, we work with and adapt to your choice for platform partner.



Live Online Panels and Presentations
Training Services and Video Production Services

Panels, presentations, and keynotes for your virtual conference require a different level and style of presentation than the often off-the-cuff style of a live conference. Live Online puts your presenters at ease and creates a unified look and style for your event. 

  • Presentation materials conversion and optimization
  • Training for presenters and support staff for live online medium
  • Platform evaluation and recommendation
  • Technical consultation, prep, and testing
  • Evaluation and certification of the presenter locations
  • Live launch support including walkthroughs and rehearsals

For Speakers

“Get Ready to Present” Training
Training Services

Present professionally on camera – Our training experts can get keynote speakers and presenters comfortable with how to present for live online and recorded video. We provide practical and proven advice and support around presentation style/delivery, clothing, posture, hair and makeup, and lighting, and address any technical questions. Sessions can be provided as pre-recorded video, or held live online.

For Event Organizers

Communication Videos
Video Production Services

Communicate effectively with video – Develop and shoot scripted communication videos that address the issues conference registrants may have and that organizers would like to address. Possibilities include: 

  • Announcements, updates and conference innovations
  • Directions for speakers, panelists, exhibitors and sponsors
  • Promotion, demonstration and ‘how to’ communications for new live online offerings

For Speakers

Presentation Videos
Video Production Services

Make great online content – Whether live interactive or recorded sessions, event organizers may want to shoot presentations and panels and make them available in any virtual or mobile environment. CreatorUp can script / shoot / edit / format all video for online distribution, including any additional motion graphics, captions and translations.

For Exhibitors

Promotional Videos
Video Production Services

Make great online content – For presenters who are not part of an official virtual event, CreatorUp can create an event program that allows presenters to order CreatorUp video production services to script / shoot / edit / format their videos for inclusion in any virtual environment.

Attendees who hoped to demo their products or services at your conference can present product marketing videos to the virtual audience. CreatorUp can work with registered companies to create product or brand promotion videos in any format, from live action to motion graphics to whiteboard animations. 

For Everyone

Global Pop-up Studios
Video Production Services

Leveraging our global network, CreatorUp can create pop-up video capture stations in cities around the world that have high numbers of your expected registrants. Pop Up Studios  allow registered presenters to record their sessions for a virtual event if they don’t have the recording capabilities themselves, or if they need guidance from our trainers in how to best present their material. 

Need a custom video?

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