February 14, 2020
DaVinci Resolve 360 reframe

DaVinci Resolve – Reframe Qoocam 8K, Insta360 One R & GoPro Max FREE & DOESN’T SUCK!

Finally, a complete FREE professional solution for reframing 360 videos with Easy Ease and Cinematic Motion Blur in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16 for GoPro MAX, Kandao Qoocam 8K, Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X. If you don't want to pay for Adobe Premiere or FCPX, this is the solution for you. We will go over the best way to stitch and import 360 footage from 360 cameras into your computer, and how to approach 360 reframe from a storytelling perspective: 
February 10, 2020
Labpano Pilot One Review by Hugh Hue

Labpano Pilot One — 8K 360 Virtual Tours / Live Streaming Camera Hands-on Review

Meet the tiniest 4-lens 8K 360° camera that can live stream in 8K without a computer and AI auto-generate well-organized virtual tours - Labpano Pilot One. In this in-depth review, we are going to cut through the marketing hype and compare Pilot One with Kandao Qoocam 8K, Insta360 ONE R and Ricoh Theta Z1
January 23, 2020
INSTA360 One R hands-on first impressions

Insta360 ONE R in-depth Review

Is Insta360 ONE R the BEST action 360 Camera of 2020? What is the 360° photo & video quality compared with GoPro MAX, Kandao Qoocam 8K, and Insta360 ONE X? How good is ONE R 360 Drone Mod for DJI Mavic Pro 2? Does it really make your drone invisible? How to edit 360 with AI?All these questions will be answered and more in this super in-depth Insta360 ONE R review.
January 7, 2020
INSTA360 One R hands-on first impressions

Insta360 ONE R Hands-On First Impressions

My unbiased, hands-on first look of the Insta360 ONE R + Drone Edition and 3D 180 Edition. So in-depth, it is 25-min long and you can't find this info anywhere else!
December 18, 2019
Hugh Hou filming with Kandao Qoocam 8K

Kandao Qoocam 8K — Hands-on Part One

Let's take an in-depth walkthrough of the brand new Kandao Qoocam 8K - 8K 30fps + 4K 120fps 10-BIT 360° camera that is under $600! I have been shooting with Qoocam 8K for almost 3 weeks now in Brazil and I have my love & hate relationship with this new consumer 360 camera. Is it a real 8K camera? Is it a real GoPro MAX killer? Is it really take 16-bit DNG RAW photo? Is it really 10-bit in ProRes? This video will answer them all and more!
September 30, 2019
Adobe Update : 360 photo aware editing workflow

Adobe Update : 360 Photo Aware Editing Workflow

With the new Adobe camera RAW update, I've got a new 360 photo editing workflow using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. This new workflow has some great new features, like the fact that it doesn’t create any stitch lines in your 360 photos, even when adjusting HDR like highlights, shadows, clarity or haze.
September 9, 2019
8 bit vs 10 bit in video and imaging

8-bit vs 10-bit- What’s the difference, and do you need to invest in a 10-bit camera?

This new post is all about the difference between 8-bit and 10-bit in 360 VR. What exactly do 8-bit and 10-bit mean, is one better than the other, and do you need both?
September 4, 2019
360 vr pipeline camera denoise

Easily Denoise Your Videos for High Quality Footage!

Today, I want to talk about one of the essential skills in 360 video post-production - video denoising. Most people are using cameras with small sensors that don’t do great in low light, creating unwanted and unattractive visual noise. Here, I will show you my workflow to minimize compression artifacts, which is one of the main reasons why these cameras are so noisy.
August 21, 2019
3D 360 professional VR camera - the Tech-E Phiimax 3D

Tech-E Phiimax 3D 360 Camera Review

Reviewing a 3D 360 professional VR camera - the Tech-E Phiimax 3D. This is a great camera with some great features, like having a standard SSD drive for storage, saving time for onsite DIT and minimizing the risk of SD card failure. This camera is built with professional VR filmmakers in mind - so let’s get into the in-depth review!
August 14, 2019
skyworth: new stand-alone 360 vr headset review and comparison (oculus go & pico g2 4k)

Skyworth: New Stand-Alone 360 VR Headset Review and Comparison (Oculus Go & Pico G2 4K)

Review of another new stand-alone VR headset - the Skyworth V901. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to 360 VR headsets, but there are a couple of things that make this headset unique. It has tons of great features!