About us

Our Mantra:

Lead locally, produce globally, satisfy stratospherically!

We are a digital creative platform and digital media training company
that empowers brands to connect with audiences
through cutting edge video and training solutions.

We help leading brands and educators
who need scalable solutions
to meet the modern demands of engaging your audiences with video.

We vet our creators and produce quickly and cost-effectively,
anywhere in the world,
to professional quality standards and production values.

Wherever you are!
We work worldwide, and your project will be coordinated
from our Los Angeles home base or our Dubai regional office.

Our Story

CreatorUp was founded to tackle a uniquely 21st century disruption. Your customers demand video. We all demand video! For information, learning, and product promotion, it’s all video, all the time. And studies prove that your message does, indeed, resonate best in video. Today, more than 80% of the content on the internet is video.

But you don’t have in-house capabilities to deliver the required volume, and you don’t have the budgets to bring on traditionally high priced agencies.

At the same time, technology and the gig economy offer new opportunities for creators. But how does a director in Pittsburgh, an animator in Hong Kong, or a cinematographer in Berlin find consistent and meaningful work?

CreatorUp bridges the gap with a turnkey solution. We’ve spent years developing our global network of expert video creators, and certifying them for best practices. We match your project requirements to the right team, in the right place, providing strategy and account management from our headquarters team. You can hire with confidence, knowing that your brand integrity will be preserved and production quality maintained.

Our Values

We believe in empowering our people, and fairly distributing budgets to our creators.

We value teaching and learning, and believe in the educational power of storytelling.

We are a values-driven company, and our home office is in an urban sustainability corridor.

Our Team

Premium Custom Video Production Services Mike Tringe from CreatorUp

Mike Tringe

CEO, Co-Founder
Premium Custom Video Production Services Hugh Hou from CreatorUp


Co-Founder, 360 VR Specialist & Youtuber
Premium Custom Video Production Services Nick Almong from CreatorUp


Premium Custom Video Production Services by CreatorUp


Global Associate Director, Training Solutions
Premium Custom Video Production Services Harisson from CreatorUp


Post Production Supervisor
Premium Custom Video Production Services - Michelle from CreatorUp


Head of Production & Creative Learning

International Team

Premium Custom Video Production Services Sean Graham from CreatorUp


Managing Director, UAE
Premium Custom Video Production Services Smita from CreatorUp


Managing Director, India
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